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RED Folder

Enrollment Packet

​​​​​Applicant & Family Member Information​

Family Information, Income & Contacts

Applicant Eligibility & Enrollment Information

​Application Addendum 2017​​​

Child Information Record - Page 1  | Page 2

Re-Enrollment 2017

Acknowledgement Notice of Privacy

Selection Criteria​ 2017-18​

Home Base Contract​

Attendance-Late Pick Up 2017-18​


Applicant Information_Spanish 2017-18


Family Information & Contacts_Spanish


Family Enrollment & Eligibility -Spanish​

Form A - Income Verification

Form B- No Income Declaration​

Form C- Cash Income Declaration

Form D- 3rd Party Verfication​

Home Based Contract

BLUE Folder


Date of Well Baby/Physical Examination-New

Child Health History

Head Start Oral Health Form

Infant Nutrition Questionnaire (Birth-12mo.)

Child Nutrition Questionnaire

Parent Permission-Tropical Cream or Ointment

Hearing and Vision​ Permission

SFS Medication Authorization​​​

Seizure Action Plan-

Seizure Activity Documentation

Asthma/Allergy Action Plan​​​​

Hemoglobin & Lead Permission

Pregnant Moms

Two Week Postpartum - Newborn Checklist

Prenatal Exam Form​

Pregnant Mom Nutrition Questionnaire

Expectant Mother Transition Plan

Pregnant Mother Health History Form

Gray Folder


Home Visit and Parent/Teacher

Conference Check List

Trans DEHS 90-180 day


ASQ-Parent Letter

Home Based Narrative

Pink Folder


 FSA w/ added PFCE Questions

Green  Folder

Blank Staff Report Form - 2017-18

Ind Observation Form

Manilla Folder

Child Home Visit Narrative

Expectant Family Home Visit


Parent Interest Survey

EHS Lesson Plan

Fatherhood | Male Involvement Survey

Pre-Registration​​​ Form

File Checklist

HB Checklist

Pregnant Checklist

Mental Health

Blank Staffing Form

Blank_HS Obv form

Gathering of Information form-Parent

Gathering of Information - Staff

Ind Obs Form Rev. 2017

Permission for Service 2018