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Starfish Family Services Thrive by Five Detroit is funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

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Detroit’s home for high quality Head Start education.

Providing a foundation for family success from pregnancy through age five.



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​Child Development & Health

Child Dev and Health Services-Dental Follow up and treatment.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services - COR Advantage Assessment.pdf

Child Dev and Health Services-Exclusion for failure to complete well baby physical exam and immunizations.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-involving parents in health services.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-long term exclusion.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-Medical and Dental Homes.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-Notification of children not up to date on age appropriate immunizations.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-On going care.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-Parent Participation in ongoing family health care.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-Posting ER Policies and Procedures.pdf

Child Dev and Health Services-Preparing children for medical procedures.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-short term exclusion due to illness.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-Standard Universal Precautions Training.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-Tracking Procedure.pdf​

Child Dev and Health Services-utilization of multiple sources of information.pdf​

Child Development and Health Services-Use of Children's videos in classrooms.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Delegate Pedestrian Safety Training.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Field Trips and Field Trip safety.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Developmentally Appropriate Materials Equipment Activiites.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Lesson Plan.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Lesson Plan Monitoring.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Classroom Celebrations.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Developmentally Appropriate End of Year Activities.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Family Style Meals.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Emergency Supplies Monitoring.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Financial Support for Medical and Dental Services.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Setting up the HS physical Learning Enviroment.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Pets in the classroom.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Oral Hygiene.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Ongoing determination of Child's health immunizations dental and development status.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Health and Safety Checklist.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Hand washing.pdf

Child Development and Health Services-Further Diagnostic Testing.pdf

Child Dev and Health Services-Health Determination Status.pdf

​Child Development & Education​

August 2016

ED-14-MH7-Developmental Screening and Re-Screenings​

Child Development and Education -Support of English Lanuage Learners.pdf​

Child Development and Education-Lesson Plan Monitoring.pdf

Child Development and Education-Lesson Plans.pdf

Child Development and Education-Outdoor playground and play policy.pdf

Child Development and Education-Transitions from previous child care programs and or any outside entity into DEHS.pdf

Child Development and Education-Transition Plan-Early Head Start to Head Start.pdf

Child Development and Education-Transition from the infant classroom into a toddler classroom.pdf

Child Development and Education-Utilization of Multiple sources of information.pdf

Child Development and Education-Active Supervision of Children.pdf

Child Development and Education--CLASS Assements.pdf

Child Development and Education - Discipline non corporal punishment.pdf

Child Development and Education -Equipping the classroom.pdf

Child Development and Education -Establishing and arranging the classroom.pdf

Child Development and Education-Delegate COR Advantage Assessment Procedures.pdf

Child Development and Education-Developmental screening and re-screening.pdf

Child Development and Education-Home Visit and Parent Teacher Conferences for CB Program.pdf

Child Health and Safety

Child Health and Safety-Infant child CPR and first aid.pdf​

Child Health and Safety-Injury Notification.pdf​

​Child Health and Safety-Injury Notification.pdf​

Child Health and Safety-Injury Prevention.pdf​

Child Health and Safety-Communicable Condition Notification.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Crib and Cot Maintenance.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Dental Emergency.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Dental Emergency.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Dental Sanitation Policy.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Diapering.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Establishing a childs health status at enrollment.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Gloving.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Health Emergency Procedures.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Infant child CPR and first aid.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Injury Prevention.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Injury Notification.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Lice.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Medication Management and Administration.pdf--update 6/8/2016

Child Health and Safety-Sanitation Procedures for Equipment, Toys and Materials.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Prevention.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Sunscreen.pdf

Child Health and Safety-Toileting.pdf


Disabilities-Assessment for disability services and planning.pdf

Disabilities-Compreshensive files for disability services.pdf

Disabilities-Meeting nutritional needs of children with disabilities.pdf

Disabilities-Procedure for Developing IEP's.pdf

Disabilities-Referral for childen suspected of Disability.pdf

Disabilities-Serving children with special needs.pdf

Disabilities-Support Individualizaton for childen with disabilities.pdf

Disabilities-Transitioning for children with disabilities.pdf

Disabilities-Use of medical equipment.pdf


ERSEA-1 Recruitment of ​​ch​ildren and Pregnant familiespdf

​​Aug 2016

ERSEA 4 Center Based Selection and Verification Process for Full Day - Early Head Start​

Nov ​2016​

ERSEA 1 Recruitment of Children and Families

ERSEA 6 Attendance Policy for Delegate Agencies (Center Based and Home Based

ERSEA 3-Selection Process for families.pdf​ updated 6/8/2016

ERSEA4-CB Selection and Verification Process.pdf

ERSEA-Program Option Preference Survey.pdf

ERSEA-Child Release and Emergency Contacts.pdf

ERSEA-3 year internal delegate release waiver guidance.pdf

ERSEA-Transition-Duration of Services.pdf


​Nov 2016​

ERSEA 1- Recruitment of Children and Pregnant Families​

ERSEA - 06 Attendance Policy for Delegate Agencies (Center Based and Home based


FCP-Child abuse and neglect.pdf

FCP 3 Family Partnership Agreement

FCP-Referrels and Resource Provision Procedure and follow up.pdf


FCP-Family Partnership Agreement.pdf

FCP-Father Male Friendly Planning and Implementation.pdf

Operational - Family Service Assessment.pdf

Human Resources

HR Credential Verification.pdf-updated 6/8/2016

HR - Additional Forms compensation Policy

Person Policies  and Procedures

Changes in Personnel Structure and or Programming

Reporting in ChildPlus

HR Compliance Program Addendum

HR Job Descriptions.pdf​

HR qtrly Montoring.pdf-updated 6/8/2016

HR Salary Matrix.pdf​

HR Staffing Changes.pdf​

HR Vacancy.pdf​-updated 6/8/2016


Nutrition-Breast feeding storage.pdf

Nutrition-CAC​​​​​FP Protocol and Procedures

Nutrition-classroom meal time.pdf​

Nutrition-Community Nutrition Needs Assessment.pdf​

Nutrition-Food allergy.pdf​

Nutrition-food related activities.pdf​

Nutrition-Food Related Assistance.pdf​

Nutrition-Food service policy.pdf​

Nutrition-food safety and san.pdf​

Nutrition-Identifying Nutritional Needs.pdf​

Nutrition-Meal Planning.pdf​

Nutrition-Meal Service Funding.pdf​

Nutrition-No Outside foods.pdf​


​Program Design

PDM Organization Charts.pdf​

PDM Self Assessment.pdf​

PDM-2 way communication with Delegates.pdf

PDM-New Center Start Up.pdf​

Classroom ratio.pdf

Mental Health

MH - 6 Utilization of the Edinburgh Prenatal - Postnatal Depression Scale

MH-5 Mental Health Support and Education for Staff

MH - 04 Coordination of Services for Staffings

MH - 03 Referral Procedures- Individual Observation Presocedure

MH  02 Individual Child Mental health Observations

MH - 01 Mental Health Observations

Policy Council

April 3, 2017 Policy Council Approval Sheet